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We accept festival and tour Bookings ​

We deliver special music workshops, performance practice masterclasses in various traditional musical instruments on demand to fit various needs. Our musicians are located across Europe and are able to travel to different parts of the world and will come to your institution to deliver the required workshops and masterclass.

We deliver workshops in many musical instruments. Our musicians are professionals from various parts of Africa and other parts of the world. They play and teach woodwinds, percussion including African palm drumming, traditional fiddles, strings. 

When possible we can schedule one-on-one or group  tuition performance practice. 

Instruments include Kora, Drums, Xylophones, Atenteben Flutes, Odrugya and Odrugyaba Flutes, Bolong, Ngoni, Trego Axatse Gakogui and others

Community Events

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COMMUNITY GATHERINGS STORY SESSIONS where music interlaces a combination of folktales, spoken word and contemporary fireside storytelling that reflects on the realities of life and unearths some of the good things of life and its follies that we sometimes forget are still alive and waiting to be enjoyed. 

The participatory sessions actively engage everyone in listening, playing, singing, questioning and answering and reflecting around life and its various challenges. The sessions are held together with old and new stories, musical instruments and the warmth of being in a gathering of people.

​This is ideal for community events, retreats, corporate gatherings and academic away days.